Plastic is everywhere, and I believe compassion is needed.

When we look at plastic, we don’t often see the whole story;  where it came from, how it was made, which creatures were and will be affected by it, whether the people along the line were treated fair, what effect it will have on our Earth afterwards.

However, as awareness is spread, we begin to see more of the story…

And, once we see more of the story, we can truly feel empathy for the beings and creatures affected by plastic. How beautiful is that!

I believe that from a place of loving kindness and compassion, we can create the kind of powerful change that the world needs.

This blog is a personal attempt to help spread awareness and positivity, with the hope that more people can feel compassion around this issue and be part of creating a meaningful difference.

Not only is loving kindness good for the creatures and environment that surround us, it just feels so good!

Thank you for shining your light and I wish you a beautiful day.

May your life continue to blossom! 🙂

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