Welcome to Plastic Compassion :)

Hi there anyone reading!

I hope you are feeling good today 🙂

I want to say a huge big happy welcome to you and thank you so much for reading my first blog post. This blog is starting as a way to share ideas and convey experiences as I begin a plastic-free year, and who knows what it may end up becoming :). 

First off, I want to explain why this blog is called ‘Plastic Compassion’. Unlike your first impression may have suggested, I am not a pro-plastic lobbyer or being paid under-the-counter by some large plastics manufacturer. In fact, I’m quite the opposite :). But my position on plastic isn’t the reason for this title.

The reason is that I think these are two very important words in society today, and two that aren’t used in the same sentence enough. Plastic = everywhere, and compassion is needed.

When we look at plastic, we don’t often see the whole story – where it came from, how it was made, which creatures were affected, whether the people along the line were treated fair.

The answers aren’t too flash; crude oil (a fossil fuel), is turned into plastic through a highly manufactured fuel-heavy process, the mining of which may cause oil spills while the manufacturing of said plastic may pollute the air.

Nah, it’s just a Coke bottle – we don’t hear the rest of the story.

I guess it’s much easier that way.

The same often goes for the end of life – however many decades it may spend in a landfill or if it may end up in a gyre in the ocean isn’t our first thought when we buy a drink. Never mind the estimated 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds who die from plastic ingestion each year (according to a United Nations Environmental Programme report, found here: http://www.unep.org/regionalseas/marinelitter/publications/docs/trash_that_kills.pdf).

We don’t usually think about it. And this isn’t a “shame on us” – it’s completely understandable! All these sobering truths can be overwhelming. It’s much easier to block it all out, especially in a society so full of plastic!

I’m 16, I don’t really know much, but I have a suggestion. I guess what I want to say is that it doesn’t have to be depressing. That I believe there’s a light in all of this. And that light is compassion 🙂

When we look at plastic, and we start to see more of the story, we can begin to feel compassion for all the creatures and people involved in it – and I believe that’s a beautiful thing.

Plastic Compassion

This is the main, simple wish of this blog. That more people can look at plastic and feel compassion.

From this place of loving compassion, we can create the kind of powerful change that the world truly needs. Every one of us has power through shining our own light, and like candles this light can only grow brighter when it is shared.

Personal change takes time, and societal change even longer! But it all starts with feeling what you feel, and doing what you can.

And I feel that change for good around plastic starts with awesome people like you feeling compassion about plastic today. 🙂

So let’s do!

Special Note – My meaning behind the drawing (and of course every picture has a different special meaning to each person) :

Around the plastic bottle flows orange and yellow light, the positive energy that compassion brings. Along this grows lotuses, which are a symbol of wisdom. Mountains and trees show the health of our land, while the sunset represents to me how precious our time here is, every day we are alive, as the sun sets and rises.

Below the plastic is our ocean, where plastic too often ends up. However, if we make our consumer decisions based on loving kindness, hopefully the oceans and marine life that live in it will be thriving for generations to come. Especially in our hands is the fate of coral, which may bleach and die as temperatures rise, and precious sea turtles, who are among the most affected by plastic ocean debris. Whales are very special and I think of them as guardians of the ocean – which we can be too when we make wise decisions and thus, powerful change.

The fairtrade symbols above each side of the whale tail represent feeling compassion for the growers, workers and people behind every product we buy.

The scene is full of yellow light, because to me a life, a world, with more compassion and less plastic, is a beautiful, positive, energising one 🙂

And the people holding hands that flow from a peace sign symbolises how we are stronger together – and how when we live guided by compassion and wisdom, we can find greater peace ❤